Legacy of the Sundorne

Infill Developments  

The Sundorne measurements:

Lot is 52 717 sq.ft. = 4897.57 m2
House is 6180 sq.ft. = 574 m2

Number of Infill Dwelling Units Required Minimum Site Area
1 infill 2137 m2
2 infill 3066 m2
3 infill 3995 m2
4 infill 4924 m2

(d) where the gross floor area of the basement, first and second storeys of the principal building exceeds 543 m2, the maximum number of infill dwelling units permitted on any site shall be calculated according to the following table:

Minimum Site Area Number of Infill Required Dwelling Units
1255 + 929 m2 = 2202 m2 1
1255 + 1858 m2 = 3113 m2 2
1255 + 2787 m2 = 4042m2 3
1255 +3716 m2 = 4971m2 4

Based on those numbers 3 infills maybe possible.

These numbers can only be confirmed once a survey outlines the site area and the area within the house is confirmed.

Please note, the allowable site coverage decreases when the number of infills increases.

The maximum site coverage for a site having an infill building or buildings, whether infill one-family or infill two-family dwellings, shall be as indicated in the following table: Number of Infill Buildings Maximum Site Coverage 1 infill – 30% 2 or more infills – 25%

All developments in First Shaughnessy are conditional. All proposed development must conform to the Official Development Plan & Guidelines and the form of the development must be supportable by the Director of Planning.

Legacy is about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future